The real thoughts of our millionaires

President, MPs react to pay cut
04 January 2012 1847 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s President Tony Tan Keng Yam has welcomed the recommendations of the Ministerial Salaries Review Committee announced on Wednesday.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Office of the President said Dr Tony Tan has informed the prime minister he will adopt the president’s salary as recommended by the committee, backdated 1 September last year, the day he was sworn into office.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament (MP) for Jurong Group Representation Constituency (GRC) David Ong said: “Personally, for me, with the reduction of the MP allowance and removal of the GDP Bonus, it won’t affect my performance at all, as an MP.

“I’m elected to serve the people of Singapore, my residents in Jurong GRC, and I’ll continue to do that.

Mr Ong added he believes there are Singaporeans who will be prepared to step forward and serve the country despite significant cuts to political salaries.

Mr Ong told MediaCorp it is important that the financial sacrifice, however, not be too steep as this will affect the government’s ability to attract top-calibre leaders.

“There will be some challenges, but hopefully with this adjustment of the pay package we can attract people with the heart to want to serve and give a little bit more discount in terms of their material gains, and step forward to serve the country,” he said.

The president, who only gathered 30% of the nation votes, and Ministers must be feeling quite bad now due to the pay cut but they have no choice as PAP has the worst election result last year.

Well can’t believe one who suffered pay cut can still say nice things but again its on national media.

Therefore I try to think what some their real thoughts may be(with disclaimer):

Tony Tan: Lucky Nathan, I should have stayed at GIC and SPH. ##$@!%#

Lee Hsien Loong: I am still the best paid politician in the world.

Teo Chee Hean: So many portfolio still kenna pay cut. Wah lau still have to explain to the other guys since I am in charge of Civil Service pay.

Tharman: Sian… the other ex-DPM got some much over the years and now I first year kenna pay cut liao… should have gone to work for the world bank.

Lim Swee Say: Evertime I look at my CPF I wonder why I feel poorer.

Yaacob: Huh? What pay cut?

Khaw Boon Wan: Guess has to look for HDB flats now.

Vivian: Please don’t rain again! Else no bonus this year.

Shanmugan: Lucky George

Lui Tuck Yew: Shit! Look like really have to take public transport now.

Heng Swee Keat: Wah lan! Kenna con into politic.

Chan Chun Sing: Wah Wah Lan!!! Kenna con into politic and now no one call me Sir anymore.

Mah Bow Tan: Heng Hah. Now only take MP pay can really relax.

Wong Kang Seng: Si Bei Heng man! Must call Bow Tan out and gossip.

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Pay cut of Minister

Wage cuts between 36 and 53% recommended for political appointments
04 January 2012 1208 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Review Committee, appointed by the Prime Minister to look at Ministerial salaries, has recommended cuts of between 36 and 53 per cent.

This was disclosed by Committee Chairman, Gerard Ee, on Wednesday at a news conference.

The Committee was appointed after the general election in May last year, and had submitted its report to the Prime Minister on December 30.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had announced the review at the swearing-in ceremony of the new cabinet in May last year.

Among the recommendations made are the Prime Minister’s annual salary to be cut by 36 per cent, to S$2.2 million.

The annual salary of ministers will be cut by 37 per cent, to S$1.1 million.

The President’s annual salary is reduced by 51 per cent, to S$1.54 million.

The Speaker of Parliament will see the biggest percentage cut of 53 per cent, to S$550,000.

Previously, salaries were pegged to the median income of the top 48 earners in Singapore, with a one-third discount.

Now, they will be pegged to the median income of the top 1,000 earners who are Singapore citizens.

A 40 per cent discount will then be applied.

Based on 2010 figures, the proposed salary for entry-level ministers works out to S$1.1 million.

The committee also recommended changes to bonus payments, pensions and benefits under the new pay structure.

The committee has recommended that the GDP bonus be removed, and replaced by a National Bonus.

The National Bonus comprises four elements – including the unemployment rate, real median income growth, GDP growth and the real income growth of the bottom 20 per cent of wage earners.

Chairman Gerard Ee said the salary must be a “clean wage” with no hidden perks.

He said: “Our recommendations, while it is a severe cut, should be able to attract not all, but some of the talents to come forward.

“But preserving the message that you’re coming forward to serve in a political capacity, and there is some sacrifice to be made.

“The 1,000, basically is, first take note that it’s based on Singaporeans only, and eliminate the PRs and everybody.

“So we say if the talent pool from which we want to tap, if we were to hunt for them, we believe if they were to be functioning outside of politics, that’s where we’re going to locate them.”

The new salary will be backdated to 21 May last year, when the new government took office.

MPs will debate the report when Parliament sits for a second session 16 January.

Parliament’s first sitting for this year will be on 9 January. It’s expected to focus on several questions tabled on the recent flooding and the spate of MRT disruptions.

We are know there will be a pay cut as this is PAP means of pacifying people what had shown their unhappiness during the election in 2011.

But is it enough?

I still think the PM salary is still high, a comfortable $1Million should be enough for him note all his medical are already covered for and not forgetting he still sit on a few Boards.

For Minister I think they should be pay about $500K a year. This is already a whopping $40K a month, much more then an average Singaporean.

It is good that there will be no more pensions for Minister as they already are millionaire.

The new National Bonus is more fair but they should also include the birth rates in there or national happiness index.

I also think the salaries of Perm-Sect should be review as well. They useless people are commanding salaries equivalent to Ministers and they are not doing a fantastic job too.

Another thing… I am wondering what new minister like Chan Chun Sing is thinking now. Got conned by Men In white?

Also Mah Bow Tan must be thinking Heng Man…. I still get my MP pay but no more doing Minister Job liao!

But again this is just a proposal, Hsien Loong may not agreed to everything. Lets wait and see.

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Goodbye to a turbulance 2011 and Hello 2012

A good think about keeping a blog is like a diary. Reading back the post on my new year resolution for 2011 and the summary of 2010 let me keep a check on myself on what I have achieved in 2011 and did I fulfilled my resolution? This also help me setting goals for myself in 2011.

Gosh it also reminded me the prices for electricity fee went up a year ago on the exact same day this year on 1 Jan 2012!

Looking back 2011:

I travelled to Tokyo in Feb, Seoul in March and Taipei in May and Aug.

I have fulfilled my National Duty and officially MRed in Feb.

I also got to vote for the first time in my life not once but twice! Sadly the outcome remained the same.

I got my Shodan in Aikido in May and still going strong in my八卦掌and I also took up形意拳.

Mobile phone contract expired and I renewed with an I-Phone 4S. Yes I have joined the dark side.

I think I also achieved my goal of living a healthier life as I do feel healthier in 2011 compare to 2010.

I will continue to live a healthy life, work less, play more and spending more time with friends and family in 2012.

I think this year will be a difficult year for Singapore. The world is facing recession and inflation and we still got the same clowns in the cabinets. Half year had gone but nothing significant has change for Singapore, we still getting the floods.

Finally I like to share this article. It reminded me the priority in life and I hope it will for you too.

Happy new Year!

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SINGAPORE: Singapore’s second guide dog for the blind has arrived.
21 December 2011

Bred and trained in Australia, she has found her new home in Bukit Panjang in central Singapore.

Esme looks just like any two-year-old Labrador, but she’s not a pet when she has her working harness on.

For vision-impaired Cassandra Chiu, Esme acts as her pair of eyes, and an indispensable guide.

So too much friendly attention is not always a good thing.

“This is a working dog, it would be best if she’s not distracted with pats and treats because she has to stay focused on what she’s doing in getting me safely from one place to another,” said Ms Chiu.

Singapore law allows for guide dogs on trains and buses, and also in restaurants.

But not everyone welcomes Esme.

Dr Francis Seow-Choen, chairman of the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind, said: “Cassandra, in the last few days has been going on the MRT, buses, but in the more individualised forms of transport like taxis, there are queries, there’re rejections. When you go into malls there’re still rejections.

“(The guide dogs) are very well trained, they don’t make a noise, they don’t bark, they don’t chase little animals or children. Therefore people can put their fears to rest that these dogs will cause a disturbance, because they will not.”

After undergoing training almost her entire life in Melbourne, Esme is now in the final stage of her settling-in programme in Singapore.

For this, her Australian trainer Aaron Horsington was here for a week.

“Working with people like Cassandra, and being able to see the dog moving on and providing that person with a service… that’s very meaningful. Seeing that end product really is what keeps me going back again, and starting with the next group of dogs,” he said.

The cost of training guide dogs is high – about S$40,000 per dog for a two-year programme.

But for Ms Chiu, The Singapore Guide Dogs Association of the Blind paid for Esme and her training.

Ms Chiu will be responsible for Esme’s daily maintenance, but this, Dr Seow said, is inexpensive.

“The costs, once you get the dog, are minimal. We encourage our clients to feed their dogs dry food, which actually comes up to about S$1 a day,” said Dr Seow.

Dr Seow said they are also looking at insurance for their guide dogs in the future.

“Unfortunately, the symbol of being vision-impaired in Singapore has been the white cane for a very long time. Hopefully, in time to come, Singaporeans will recognise that there is a different form of mobility for vision-impaired individuals as well,” said Ms Chiu.

With both Ms Chiu and Esme leading the way, the association said it is expecting four more guide dogs from Victoria next year.

I didn’t know how rare guide dogs are in Singapore. Esme is only the second one in Singapore.

I had the fortune of meeting the first, Kendra and her owner Mr Alvin Ng not once but twice!

Kendra was really lovely and obedient and she sat quietly under the seat on the bus which I didn’t even notice until she got up.

I first know about guide dog almost 30 years ago when I watched a documentary on TV. I am a little surprise that Singaporeans are still ignorant of them and the rights they have.

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What greed had done to this county.

SMRT suspends bus driver as coma victim’s condition worsens
20 December 2011

SINGAPORE: Bus operator SMRT has suspended the driver who was said to have braked abruptly and caused a passenger to fall on Sunday. The victim, 54-year-old Madam Ding Weibo, has since slipped into a coma and her condition has apparently worsened.

Mdm Ding’s husband, Mr You Bujia, said: “There are now complications with her lungs, and she has started to develop a fever. Her urinary tract is also infected. Her brain has also started to swell, so that’s not good news. When my daughter heard the news, she almost fainted.”

Mr You said the doctor has told him to be prepared for the worst.

An SMRT spokesperson said the company has an intensive training programme, of up to one-and-a-half months, to ensure its bus captains or what it calls “Service Leaders” (SLs), are equipped with customer service and safe driving skills.

The spokesperson added: “Trainees will go through a Service Proficiency course which comprises operating technical and safety features on the bus, dealing with demanding passengers and emergencies, and understanding the public transport system such as the fare structure and bus schedules, to name a few.

“In addition, SLs are required to undergo a ten-day on-the-job training to familiarise themselves with their bus routes.”

After the first year on the job, they also have to attend a two-day refresher course to learn about advanced safe driving techniques.

SMRT also revealed that the driver involved in this incident has worked in the company for two years.

SMRT has suspended the Singaporean driver from his duties, as investigations continue.

This is sad that it causes someone life to surface the problem of lousy training programme and the poor quality of drivers of public transport.

Personally I felt the quality of bus driver had dropped over the years.

I remember when I was young the ride was much smoother and the drivers more helpful.

Nowadays you get unmotivated drivers who drive like shit.

Taxi drivers are not much better, these days I keep getting taxi driver declaring they don’t know the way to where I am going and ask if I know.

Note it is not asking me which why I would like to go and I am not going to some super remote island but these idiots actually are totally clueless!

F you lah! Have some pride and study the street directory if you want to be a taxi driver.

So what happened to our “world class transport system?”

The main reason is they had all became like our Men In White, Money Money Money.

They all want maximum profit so the CEO can get big fat pay cheques.

So they cut down on maintenance, trainings and staff cost.

Therefore trains and tracks break down, drivers get lost, more accidents due to in-experience drivers, etc.

On top of these poor standards, they still increase fares!


You screwed up big time and you still want more profits.

These greedy people have a first class ticket to hell now.

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Overpaid idiot.

SMRT CEO apologises for train disruption
16 December 2011 CNA

SINGAPORE: SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa on Friday offered her sincere apologies to all commuters affected in Thursday night’s five-hour MRT network breakdown on the north-south line.

Speaking at a news conference Friday afternoon at the SMRT Headquarters, Ms Saw promised a full investigation into what caused the breakdown.

She said SMRT will learn from the incident and improve on giving better information.

“We do apologise especially those who experienced considerable inconvenience… What we can promise is that we will spare no effort in preventing such an occurrence,” said Ms Saw.

“I will personally look into improving our incident management plan, especially in the areas of giving timely and better information, as well as crowd management, in both our stations and in the trains,” she added.

SMRT cited a possible alignment problem in the rail system as the cause of the disruption, and deployed some 60 staff to test for alignment on Thursday night after the incident.

However, the exact point at which the alignment was off has not been established yet.

The disruption affected 127,000 passengers, and some 1,000 commuters were also trapped in each of the four trains that stalled.

More than 300 staff who were not working at that time were activated to help commuters.

SMRT acknowledged that the rail network has grown, and hence is more complex. It said this made it difficult for the operator to execute its emergency plans.

SMRT said it will review its standard operating procedures.

SMRT also said it will be working to improve its communication strategies. This includes possibly broadcasting recorded announcements in four languages.

SMRT has also apologised for the “income opportunity” template that was used by SMRT Taxi on Thursday following the train disruption.

It said this was a “very bad mistake”, and the right template should have said “service disruption”.

With her million dollar salary she still can screwed up.
This is what we call pay lots of money but still get monkey.
She should be sacked!
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Sad Singapore

Youths arrested for stealing money from newspaper vendor
CNA 14 DEC 2011

SINGAPORE: Police have arrested two youths, aged 11 and 12, for stealing from an elderly newspaper vendor.

Madam Son Ah Hon, 71, sells newspapers at Block 174 Yishun Avenue 7.

The two primary school student suspects stole from her twice on December 2 and 7.

On both occasions, Mdm Son was manning her news stand alone.

Mdm Son said: “I told them I didn’t have the newspaper they wanted and told them to leave. After a while, they came back again and kept asking for newspapers. They kept walking around and banging on the back door of the stall. All of a sudden, they grabbed the money and ran. They snatched my purse. One took the cash container, the other took my purse. I screamed for help, but no one came.”

The suspects fled with cash totalling nearly $100.

Police arrested the youths on Tuesday.

The two youths are now released on bail pending further investigation.

When I first saw this report during yesterday evening news I was totally disgusted and disappointed with what our youth and society had became.

These 2 bastards not only prey on the weak but they bloody did it twice.

To me they should be shot as I doubt they will be of any use to the society.

I absolutely hate people who prey on the weak, if you have balls, you go and rob the banks or Lee Kuan Yew. Bloody weak ass targeted this old poor woman who still has to work at 71 to feed herself.

These news reported all the sad facts on what our society has become, youth with no moral, seniors still have to struggle to make ends meet and lack of social courage as no one came to help Madam Soh.

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